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About us



Hollding –  Skanios trasos Ltd. Brand: SAPROPEL ORGANICS, HUMUSON

Production facilities in two Countries

Scientific background

R&D Research and quality control laboratories. Premises from Government import soil and grooving media samples from third countries



Cell +37067197744;  gytis@sapropelorganics.com

Complex organic fertilisation: HUMUSON COMPLEX is not only
about bio and organic, it is about combined fertility;


Savings of the fertilization budget by increasing adsorption of mineral fertilisers;

Reduce the costs of managing the soil productivity;

Improving the effectiveness of marketing (thanks to healthy cultures and betterharvest taste features)

Impact on plant development through soil quality and increasing soil biota activity. HUMUSON COMPLEX can provide these benefits due to uniqueness of raw material and its structure similarity with soil;

HUMUSON COMPLEX - is about a comprehensive value-added.

Taste and Healthiness- These benefits are provided by reaches of HUMUSON COMPLEX composition. 70 and more elements and compounds responsible for crops taste and development. All elements have natural origin;

Input of ingredient of naturality at intensive agricultural and hidrophonical processes. It keeps soil save and active for long term by restoring natural processes in it.

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