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Q: How implement HUMUSON Complex into traditional practise? (with example)

A: Thank you for your example. Lets take it in a base on our further explanation.
In your usual case approximately 45 % from the entered number of mineral elements will be
not assimilated by plants due to washing away, due to undeveloped root and due to the lack of
secondary elements that are necessary for the successful absorption of macronutrients. 35%
from the entered number of mineral elements will be not assimilated by plants due to the fact
that they will not be converted into an assimilable form, since there is a lack of enzymes and
catalysts for chemical reactions (the reason for this is that microbiological activity in the soil is
That is, 80% of the applied amount of NPK will go to the soil deposit (thereby salting it) or
simply not absorbed.
You also need to keep in mind that for the sustainable development of the plant and the
assimilation of mineral nutrients, up to 70 different chemical elements and substances are
The entering products on the basis of HUMUSON Complex (sapropel product), the farmer
contributes 40 different elements in micro doses (trace elements, enzymes, vitamins, lipids and
hydrophilic proteins).
Such a rich composition of HUMUSON Complex (sapropel product) breeds contributes to the
restoration of microbiological activity, the introduction of organic matter, the digestibility of
nutrients and the holistic restoration of soil productivity.
Returning to your case, using HUMUSON Complex (sapropel product), plants will absorb not
20% but not less than 35% of the entered NPK and micro elements.
The farmer can add 15% less minerals (proportionally) or use the same amount. In both cases,
the farmer will receive a yield increase of at least 15%.

The use of HUMUSON Complex (sapropel product) has a cumulative effect. Using them regularly,
the farmer maintains and restores soil productivity.

Q: So sapropel must be used along other products to add up the lacking nutrients? And the
nutrients sapropel is providing will not be at ones but in bits?
A: First two-three years Farmer can use only HUMUSON Complex (sapropel product), due to
active substances into it which chelating mineral nutrients deposit in soil. But after third year, I
recommend use HUMUSON Complex (sapropel product) in combination with mineral fertilisers.
The intensive removal of mineral elements must be compensated by the introduction of mineral
elements. HUMUSON Complex (sapropel product) allow you to do this effectively while
maintaining the stability of natural processes (soil condition and activity in it). Farmer can
reduce number of mineral fertilisers, or keep it on the same level, but he will prevent situation
when he due to reducing of productivity of soil should increase expenses on mineral fertilisation
and soil maintains.

Q: But at the same time its PH value is on alkaline but when applied to the soil with the
recommended dosage there is an equilibrium reaction which burns the crop

A: To big amount of Sapropel product can be harmful for plants. Not only due to pH value, but
mainly due to big content of humus in sapropel products (which is contents acids). If dosage of
product is correct farmer may expect improvement of redox potential in soil (improving the
mobility of elements).

Q: Again the previous usage of the sapropel solid on the crop without the sapropel liquid can't
bring out the best in crops, how can we correct that sir????
A: We have already discussed this with Wale. In the test, the dose of the liquid product was
significantly lower than recommended. So way how You can improve effectiveness of liquid
product use correct amount of it.

Q: What is difference between HUMUSON liquid and solid Complexes?
A: Like manufacturer of HUMUSON Complex I can ensure You that solid product is effective in
case if you need extremely fast return productivity of soil. It should be applied on a periodic
basis and not on a regular basis (once every 3 to 7 years). The liquid product is recommended to
be used regularly to maintain the efficiency of the agricultural process and soil productivity.

Q: Without using the liquid, how can we get result from the solid sapropel? From what I
observed both can't do without each other, am I right sir?
A: No. Both products are well compatible and we recommend using them together. But since
both of them contain a large amount of active substances, it is important to maintain a dose
balance. Moreover, one cannot do without liquid, since the structure of your agriculture
provides for the foliar use of fertilizers during the vegetative period (although experience has
shown us that watering HUMUSON Complex liquid fertilizers in the soil is most effective).

Q: HUMUSON Complex Organic fertiliser?
A: HUMUSON Complex is not only organic fertiliser or bio stimulant. It is systemic fertilizer. It
means that it can be used in organic farming and has International ECO certificate, but it can and
should be used in conventional farming technologies.
Why it is so important to understand? You should not opposite HUMUSON Complex to Mineral
fertilisers. They can and should be used together to get incredible increasing of farming
effectiveness and safeness of soil production capacity.
Other important moment. If you will tell that HUMUSON Complex is only organic fertiliser, You
never will find good agronomist and sellers.

Q: What team is needed for developing local market of HUMUSON Complex?
A: Now about what kind of agronomist you should find:
He should have working experience not less than 5 years.
He should understand market. We are producer and we can adopt our products under market
needs if it will be necessary further.
He should have contact list of farmers.
He should speak English.
He must be authoritative enough.
I should not be very traditional.
He should understand that important is not only ratio of NPK but correct functioning of whole
plant growing biosphere (each please is separated case).

Is prepared one small description. Please send it to potential agronomist and ask him what
questions he has according it. After that send us the questions and we will share with You my
opinion about competency of potential agronomist.

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