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Protobiotic What? Why? How?


 WHAT? PROTObiotic
– it is organic products for agricultures, land use and households which are produced from biologically clear raw materials. Most accurately our products are characterized by the expression - everything new is well forgotten old. The product is based on a set of biologically active substance, the study of which was begun in the early 18th century and continued to be studied over the time by scientists of many countries up to the present days.
We was design this product, taking an inspiration from nature itself, recreating the natural processes of fermentation, the cycle of nitrogen and carbon, the formation of phytohormonal compounds. At the result we created powerful instrument for treatment, restoration and therapyof soil.
Our products – it is a new vision on composition of elements and biologically active substance (organic acids), their proportions, complexes and enrichers. Most important part of composition was created in natural way during more than 10 000 years and is specific for Baltic States countries. Due 10 000 years fermentation process composition of PROTObiotic is enriched by natural enzymes, amino acids and trace elements.
Unlike the previous generation of that kind products, which in Europe were basically presented in the form of products of processing coal, seaweeds and high peat, our products are made from biologically friendly material, which in its properties and composition is similar with soil humus. The peculiarity of this solution guarantees positive quality features for our products.
PROTObiotic affects the most fundamental processes of the plant development and growth system, both in soil and substrates and in hydroponics. The complex effect on the development of the root and transport system of the plant, together with a positive effect on the growth environment, guarantees an increase in yield or its conservation in the event of unfavourable environmental factors.
PROTObiotic, is effective solution for nurseries, greenhouses, farmers and householders if their aims is - increase the efficiency of processes an amount of yield, naturalness of taste, food healthy and aesthetic of results.
• increases production of crops, feed crops and vegetables by 10 – 30 % at the average; • increase surviving of plants and save harvest in the case of unfavourable climatic factors, due plant resistance against diseases, frosts and droughts is increased due to a more active nitrate reductase; • seed germinating capacity is improved and germination increased; • plant metabolism is improved, consumption of minerals increased along with root system formation; • improves photosynthesis • seedling establishment after re-planting is improved; • decrease soil salinity;
• nitrate, pesticide, heavy metal ion and radionuclide content is decreased; • they increase water capacity of light soils (by 30% in the average), by this contributing to the creation of agronomically valuable crumby/granular structures; •Promotes mineralization of organic residues; • they improve void content and water permeability of heavy soils by this preventing cracks, crusts, ploughing layer hardening and creation of tillage pan; • they help soil aeration and increase air permeability of the soil profile, optimize both root respiration and general redox properties of soil; • they regulate ionic exchange reactions between the soil and water solutions; • they change soil buffer capacity thus helping to maintain a natural pH-level even if excessive amounts of acidic or alkaline agents are enteringthe soil.
Way of acting of PROTObiotic in principle positively distinguishes it from other organic fertilizers and biostimulants.
The principle of the effect of the product is based on the multiplication effect due to the involvement of all the main chains of biological bonds: the expansion of the nutrition elements in the upper soil layer; activation of the action of positive soil microorganisms and PGB bacteria; improvement of the plant's transport system and bioavailability of nutrients.
We call it adsorption&chelate × symbiosis × adoptogenic.
Due this multiplication PROTObiotic  products provides all of benefits from list below:
How PROTObiotic provides all these positive effects and why the products are so effective?
Thanks to the composition of the basic “cocktail” of PROTObiotic products.
All products contains:
• organic carbon (humified carbon and water soluble carbon); • rich with natural vitamins, contains carotene (provitamin A), B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, E, C, D, P • organic acids: folic acid, humic acids fulvic acid; • trace elements (Co, Mn, Cu, B, Zn, I, Br, Mo, V, Cr, Be, Ni, Ag, Sn, Pb, As, Ba, Sr, Ti); • amino acids (Histidine, Glutamic acid, Glycine, Valine, Arginine, Aspartic acid, Alanine, Serine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Phenylalanine, Tyrosine, Lysine, Methionine, Threonine, Cystine) • contains enzymes (catalase, peroxidase, reductase, protease) • glycoprotein – glomalin; • phytohormones (auxin and cytokinin); • contains humin.
Thanks to that kind natural composition PROTObiotic products can enshure its main acting principle – multiplication effect adsorption&chelate × symbiosis × adoptogenic.
PROTObiotic contains strong adsorbent – humified carbon, which keep nutrition longer into top soil, allow to plant to use them in larger quantities.
Large size molecules of humic acids binds heavy metals and radionuclides into top soil removing them from the active circulation into the soil, preventing them from getting into the plant tissue. Small size molecules of humic acids chelating nutrition elements increasing bioavailability of them, even those which are deposited in soil.
PROTObiotic contains water soluble carbon, amino acids and vitamins what provides development and grow for soil makro (worms) and microorganism such like PGB group bacteria development and positive soil fungi (nitrogen-fixing, cellulosefermenting and butyrate-producing bacteria, along with ammonifiers and other germs that play a vital role in the nutrition and growth of plants).
Humin provides a platform for the development of soil bacteria and microorganisms, even in soils with low organic content.
Activation of soil makro and microorganisms provides intensification of cycle of elements into soil, what increase plants nutrition diversity.
Activity of makro and microorganisms and presence in PROTObiotic the Glomalin provides improvement in the particle size distribution, water and air regime, as well as the Redox potential.
Humic acids boost root development. In combination with the improvement of the plant's transport system, all of the above increases the positive effect from the natural symbiotic relationship between soil microorganisms and the plant (according to the root agent).
PROTObiotic contain big concentration of Humates (humin, humic acids, fluvic acids).
Their MoA (mechanism of action) implies stimulation of all bio-chemical processes in a plant both during seed germination and root formation and later during the whole cycle of plant growth and development. Humates alter cell membrane permeability, boost ferment activity, increase chlorophyll content and photosynthesis productivity, stimulate tissue respiration and synthesis of proteins, sugars, amino acids and vitamins. Improves the transport system of the plant
Humates inter-react with various ecotoxicants who enter the soil as dust, ashes, with rain or within mineral fertilizers. What takes place here is irreversible binding of heavy metals and radio nuclides into insoluble non-labile complex compounds that are then taken away from the circulation of elements of the soil, which prevents their finding their way into the food we eat. In addiction to this, the fact that soil microflora is intensified by humates also helps to faster degrade toxic organic compounds. At the same time organic ecotoxicants like pesticides, hydrocarbons, phenols, aldehydes, etc., are effectively adsorbed by humates, which reduces their toxicity
for plants and humans.
Combination of all these benefits restore plant natural adaptogenic properties of the plants. These property helps plant to adapt to unfavourable climate condition.


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