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About Us

our mission

Our main mission is to protect fertile land areas from degradation by increasing the natural productivity of soil systems, and to significantly contribute to the development of sustainable agriculture in general.

Besides that, our company aims to raise the awareness of increasing agricultural problems and change attitudes toward responsible farming practices.

We are innovative

Always learning and developing our technologies to the most advanced level while keeping the product at top quality. 

We are communicative

Always happy to share the knowledge and contribute to the goals of our employees, partners, and customers.

We are responsible

Proud to produce and sell the products which are harmless to both  people and nature.

We are sustainable

In making strategic and day-to-day decisions.


By understanding present problems and threats to agricultural, gardening, horticulture sectors we closely cooperate with science and research centres that directly participate in our product development and testing processes.

At the moment, we distribute our products to and cooperate with distributors from Africa and Europe. We sell our products in more than 30 countries.


If you want to become our partner, contact us! 

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Gytis Mikalkenas
Co - Commercial Director

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Igor Marushko
Co - Head of R&D

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