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About Products


Our technology is based on biomimetic principles. As a result we are able to create the products with highly polarised molecules of active ingredients. It means that our products are acting faster, more efficient and provide better results.

Complex organic

HUMUSON COMPLEX is not only about bio and organic, it is about combined fertility and  a comprehensive value-added

  • Savings of the fertilization budget by increasing adsorption of mineral fertilizers;

  • Reduce the costs of managing the soil productivity;

  • Improving the effectiveness of marketing (thanks to healthy cultures and better harvest taste features)

Taste and Health

These benefits are provided through the rich HUMUSON COMPLEX composition - more than 70 natural origin elements and compounds responsible for crops taste and development. 

How our Products

Inspired by nature itself, we created products which restart the natural cycle of soil fermentation - boosting bioactivity, producing organic nitrogen, carbon, phytohormonal and many more other compounds.

Easy to use

HUMUSON COMPLEX  is concentrated product what provides easy logistics. The dosing solution is included into a package of liquid product. 

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Read BBCH recommendation for different crops and know how to implement our products into Yours fertilization program.

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