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Unique technology of HUMUSON COMPLEX

Our technology is the result of the work and intellectual effort of a large interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers. Our team made it possible to take the fundamental principles used by Mother Nature and apply them to our production-line, enabling the creation of a truly unique line of biomemetic products.

Our technology is based on the use of biomemetic principles to create products with active ingredients that are highly polarized, which enables a faster, more efficient, and more efficacious mechanism of action than products that lack this high degree of polarization.

Our production process features stages like homogenization, cavitation, chemical extraction, non-chemical extraction, and ionization. All of these processes allow us to maintain the consistency and high-quality standards that have come to define our product.

We have developed unique methods of cavitation and ionization that allow us to produce highly polarized molecules of natural origin without creating temperatures higher than 39 Celsius, which enables us to preserve the activity of the host of beneficial enzymes  and proteins inherent in the source material.

Our production process sidesteps the need for heating, which means we don’t emit CO2. And the process of extracting our base raw material restores the biotop of the freshwater lakes from which it’s sourced, preventing it from drying out. This allows us to preserve and enhance the habitat of local flora and fauna, including those on the threatened and endangered species list.

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