Unique technology of HUMUSON COMPLEX

Our technology is the result of work and intellectual effort of many talented scientists from different science disciplines and engineers which are visionaries by his spirit.

These people made the technology which allows keep all uniqueness of used raw materials and improve them for making them available to use in modern agriculture.

Our technology takes its fundamental principles from Mother nature. We found the way how to design natural processes on our production line and use their force for needs of production of unique products.

Our technology is based on biomimetic principles. As a result we are able to create the products with highly polarised molecules of active ingredients. It means that our products are acting faster, more efficient and provide better results.

Production process contents stages like homogenisation, cavitation, chemical and non chemical extraction, ionization. All these processes allow us to keep high quality standards of our production.

Unique solutions of our technology are way how we created the cavitation process and ionisation process. These two processes made able to create highly polarized molecules of natural origin nutrients and components.

During the production process temperature doesn't increase higher als 39 Celsius degrees, what allows us to keep all proteins and enzymes active.

During the production process we don’t use heating. It allows us don’t emit CO2 and keep environment safe.

More than that - during extracting our base raw material we restore freshwater lake’s biotop, prevent drying them out, as well as preserving the habitat of many living creatures, including those in "the red book."