Wheat Crop


HUMUSON COMPLEX - active 12 times longer

Rise of total efficiency on 80% during 5 years

Complexed rising of efficiency

HUMUSON Complex allows to increase total efficiency of your farming by raising soil fertility, rising nutrients assimilation, and ensuring stronger plants establish.

Rising of incomes on 35%

HUMUSON Complex rise incomes

Positive impact of HUMUSON Complex on nutrients assimilation, due to enhancing of biochemical activity in soil and prolonged keeping nutrients on top layer of the soil, guarantee increase of incomes starting from 15% till 35% during five years of use.

Self-reproduction of fertility - safe 25%

HUMUSON Complex restore natural processes

HUMUSON Complex fills the soil top layer with beneficial, natural origin elements (like enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and other) which raise activity of microorganisms, restore soil chemical and physical properties. Both these factors restore soil's natural property of reproducing its fertility.