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HUMUSON SI Complex is specialy designed for use in agriculture and soil restoration.


HUMUSON SI Complex is a targeted solution. Thanks to its balanced formula, the complex is not only a solution for the immediate restoration of damaged or degraded soil, but also can be used for precise feeding of seedlings, mature trees and bushes.

Thanks to the use of unique, 100% natural organic raw materials, which decompose in natural, without air conditions, HUMUSON SI Complex does not have an unpleasant odor and has a prolonged period of activity - from 7 to 10 years.

HUMUSON SI Complex contains:

  • more than 40 elements necessary for soil restoration and plant nutrition;
  • natural complex of PHB bacteria and beneficial fungi;
  • more than 40% biodegradable organic carbon;


Use HUMUSON SI Complex to acquire the folowing benefits:

  • Increase harvest more than 15% from one part, and on the same time restore soil fertility from other;
  • Efficiency:
    • Savings of the fertilization budget by increasing adsorption of mineral fertilisers. Provides yeild growth while fertilization budget stay on the same level;
    • Reduce the costs of managing the soil productivity;
    • Improving the effectiveness of marketing (thanks to healthy cultures and betterharvest taste features)
  • Impact on plant development through soil quality and increasing soil biota activity. HUMUSON SI Complex can provide these benefits due to uniqueness of raw material and its structure similarity with soil;
  • Taste and Healthiness- These benefits are provided by reaches of HUMUSON SI Complex composition. 70 and more elements and compounds responsible for crops taste and development. All elements have natural origin;


  • HUMUSON Grow+Complex content 17 L-a-amino acids. Main of them:

    L-Threonine Acid:

    - Activates seed germination

    - Regulates the mechanism of protection during stress

    - Enhances the humification process

    L-Tryptophan Acid:

    - Auxin Forerunner

    - Stimulates the growth of meristemic tissue

    L-Aspartic Acid:
    - Activates seed germination
    - Participates in the metabolism of amino acids
    - Source of organic nitrogen.

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