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HUMUSON Grow+ Complex is specialy designed for use in both conventional and biological agriculture.


Improved formula, the use of unique materials and non-standard processing approaches allow HUMUSON Grow+Complex provide:

  • Increase harvest more than 15% from one part, and on the same time restore soil fertility from other;
  • Efficiency:
    • Savings of the fertilization budget by increasing adsorption of mineral fertilisers. Provides yeild growth while fertilization budget stay on the same level;
    • Reduce the costs of managing the soil productivity;
    • Improving the effectiveness of marketing (thanks to healthy cultures and betterharvest taste features)
  • Impact on plant development through soil quality and increasing soil biota activity. HUMUSON Grow+Complex can provide these benefits due to uniqueness of raw material and its structure similarity with soil;
  • Taste and Healthiness- These benefits are provided by reaches of HUMUSON Grow+ Complex composition. 70 and more elements and compounds responsible for crops taste and development. All elements have natural origin;
  • Input of ingredient of naturality at intensive agricultural and hidrophonical processes. It keeps soil save and active for long term by restoring natural processes in it.

HUMUSON CarboAmin+

  • HUMUSON Grow+Complex content 17 L-a-amino acids. Main of them:

    L-Glutamic Acid:
    - Good chelator properties;
    - Growth stimulator;
    - Activates seed germination
    - Promotes the opening of stomata
    - Improves pollination
    - Chlorophyll precursor
    - Amino Acid Precursor
    - Activator of pathogen resistance mechanisms

    - Good chelator properties
    - Promotes tissue growth
    - Improves the taste of fruits
    - Pyrrole precursor (C4H5N) - Pyrrole core is an integral part of chlorophyll, vitamin B12, cytochromes and other biologically active compounds.

    L-Aspartic Acid:
    - Activates seed germination
    - Participates in the metabolism of amino acids
    - Source of organic nitrogen.

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