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HUMUSON COMPLEX Grow+2 is specially designed for the use in conventional and biological agriculture. Liquid concentrated biohumus is an ideal choice for watering the soil, crops and already planted plants and seedlings throughout the entire growing period.


Improved formula, the use of unique materials and non-standard production processes allow HUMUSON COMPLEX Grow+2 to:


  • Increase the harvest for more than 15% and at the same time restore fertility of the soil.
  • Savings of the fertilization budget by increasing adsorption of mineral fertilizers;
  • Reduce the costs of managing the soil productivity;
  • Impact on plant development through soil quality and increasing soil biota activity. HUMUSON COMPLEX Grow+2 can provide these benefits due to uniqueness of raw material and its structure similarity with the soil;
  • At least 70 elements responsible for crops‘ taste and development. All of them have natural origin.


  • HUMUSON Grow+Complex content 17 L-a-amino acids. Main of them:

    L-Glutamic Acid:
    - Good chelator properties;
    - Growth stimulator;
    - Activates seed germination
    - Promotes the opening of stomata
    - Improves pollination
    - Chlorophyll precursor
    - Amino Acid Precursor
    - Activator of pathogen resistance mechanisms

    - Good chelator properties
    - Promotes tissue growth
    - Improves the taste of fruits
    - Pyrrole precursor (C4H5N) - Pyrrole core is an integral part of chlorophyll, vitamin B12, cytochromes and other biologically active compounds.

    L-Aspartic Acid:
    - Activates seed germination
    - Participates in the metabolism of amino acids
    - Source of organic nitrogen.

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